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Think to Renovation?

Renovation itself means reforming in the form of repairs, adjustments or additions. In this Renovation, I will discuss one by one the questions that I often get as an architect … How the heck, how to start the renovation? What must be done first, what should be prepared, how to determine the budget, how important the role of architects and designers, how to deal with contractors and builders, what material should be chosen and so forth. That is the most frequently asked of me. Having a home that is comfortable, healthy, according to needs and can also reflect the character and style of our personal feels to be anyone’s dream. The journey to have a dream home must be one important and very personal moment for everyone, because it is full of struggle and the story behind it.

To own a house, some people will buy land and then build a house according to their needs and desires. Some of them buy a new house through a developer or a used house, but sometimes they have to accept the condition of the design and the condition of the house as is. Luckily if you still have reserve funds, the house can be renovated immediately to suit our needs and desires as new residents. If not, we must be patient so that it can be renovated. Well, because renovation requires a substantial investment of funds, so let’s plan properly!

Before entering the planning stage, in my opinion, it is important to be able to recognize your character first. Why? Because this will be very useful when preparing a design brief to communicate with architects or designers who help you later.

First, let’s close your eyes for a moment then imagine the form and atmosphere of the ideal home for you and your family. Remember, not only form but also taste. This is the house you will stay in for a long time.

What value do you want to achieve? Can you gather more with your family? Want to try more cooking? Want to play freely in the yard with the kids? Reading while in the breeze? Working while listening to the sound of water? Want to keep cats or fish? Want to have a small garden? Are you the type who is relaxed, efficient, neat and organized? Have a certain hobby and collection? Then how about the house in 10 or 20 years? Is it flexible to change? And so forth.

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