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If your house is still under construction, you can preview the design drawings offered by the developer. From there you can reconsider whether it is comfortable with the material they chose. If you don’t feel comfortable, negotiate to continue building with the material choices you want

Some floor application ideas that can be applied, including

Homogenous Tiles
This material is stronger and cracks resistant than ordinary ceramics because it goes through a higher temperature combustion process. The price is indeed quite expensive, but because this material is very precise so the final appearance also looks neater and seamless. The edges of each side of the tile are flatter than the regular ceramic edges that are curved, grout or the dividing lines between ceramics can be tighter. Beside, homogenous tile variants are larger than ordinary ceramics, with the smallest size of 60x60cm and the largest size reaching 120x120cm for each module. Its large size makes the room feel more spacious, as applied by Ida, Diana and Bajalaras in her house.

Natural stone
This natural stone can be an option to create the appearance of luxurious space with a shiny surface. This material has a distinctive characteristic of natural stone strokes with a variety of motives, making each slab or marble sheet nothing identical. You can visit the marble factory directly and usually, they will show the collections they have. Some have strokes that are quite crowded, there are also calm ones. You can also adjust the pieces to your liking, just make sure the builder installs them carefully. Because if it breaks, the only solution is to replace it with a new one. And of course, the price is not cheap


This material is a combination of various pieces of natural stone in the form of marble or granite. That’s what makes it look random and not monotonous. When choosing a motif, you can specify the desired size of stone fragments. Even from small to large fractions, this terrazzo is very interesting to be used as a focal point in aspace. Who would have guessed, the material that had boomed in the 70s (to reduce the budget by using the remaining natural stone as a floor coating) can reappear now and become one of the visually-pleasing materials

This synthetic material is designed in a variety of motifs to resemble the original material such as wood and marble motifs. Beyond that, there are also other interesting motives. This material is available in the form of planks or rectangular sheets, and also tiles. Installation is quite easy, just stick with special glue for the floor. This material is usually used as an option to reduce the budget but still can produce a space similar to the original material.

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