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5 Steps to make over ur room

We were asked several times by friends, “How do I makeover the room so that it immediately looks different?”. This question is not difficult to answer. But what’s challenging is the question using tails, like “But not expensive.”, Or “if you can, that’s fast.” Anyway, questions with additional expectations such as clients. it’s not difficult to makeover our room. As long as we know the priorities that want to change any part.

Here it is 5 steps you can take to get a new atmosphere in the room.

1.Change furniture layout

If you are getting bored with your room, but there is no more budget to redecorate or you feel that all the objects in your room still need to be replaced. The easiest way is to change the layout of the objects in it. This layout change can change the habits of the activities you do at home.

Our friend, Bini Fitriani, a housewife and interior decorator often do this. Even not only the layout in the room that Bini change but, the function of the room in his house also changed. The main room is a child’s bedroom. The guest room becomes a children’s playground, then transformed into a family relaxing place. Changing the layout like this also provokes creativity. You know that one way to be creative is to change our routine, and that can start from home.

2.Paint the walls of the room

This is a simple method but the results are significant, although there is still a business. Just like the floor, the wall is also the dominant part of the room. So try to imagine first the room you want to makeover if the walls of the room are replaced with a different colour, will it change the mood instantly? Or are you the type that likes to use safe colours for reasons of fear of failure? But, what worse could happen? If it doesn’t work, you can paint it again. Moreover, you use the process of firing, you can try with one wall first. If you feel comfortable, then continue to the other side. it can know you only want to paint one side. Or try to make a colour-blocked wall.

3.Change furniture

If you have more funds to replace furniture. This could be a pretty significant way to change the look of the room. But make sure you choose large furniture that is enough to fill the space like a sofa, table, bed, or cupboard. If you only choose furniture cute, the effect won’t be felt.

4.Add or replace carpets

In a room, the floor has a fairly dominant effect on the impression of the room. Unfortunately, replacing floor coverings (whether ceramic, parquet or other) takes a lot of time, effort and money. Well, you can use the carpet to change the look of your home floor quickly with a more affordable budget. So, if your carpet has not been replaced for a long time, or all this time it did not occur to install the carpet, try changing the carpet of your room. Different carpets can make the room look different too. The motif and texture of the carpet we choose can also help show the style we want to achieve.

5.Add Plant and Green

Add plants of various sizes which of course still fit the composition of your room. Plants can immediately provide a fresh mood as well as calming.

Change furniture

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