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To design a home interior, there are lots of software/ applications that we can use. Well, for those who pursue the world of design and architecture may be quite familiar with design software such as Adobe Photoshop, SketchUp, or Autocad. But take it easy, you do not have to use the software before to be able to decorate your own home.
We compiled 5 home design application recommendations that you can easily get on your mobile. These apps will simplify your house project in a major way, and they are free!


One source that is often used is Pinterest. So that everything does not need to be saved to a laptop or cellphone, we make a board that contains the references needed.


Roomle is available in the form of software and applications on mobile phones. This application can be an option for those of you who are familiar with the look of the website. Before starting to design with the help of Roomle, you need to measure the room to be decorated. After that you can create a room with the size in the Roomle application and insert furniture into it. One of the brands in Roomle is IKEA, so it really helps to make sure whether the furniture that you are buying will fit or not in the room you have. Oiya! Interestingly again, Roomle provides a floor plan and also 3D that makes the decorating process more enjoyable.


This application is almost the same as Roomle, the difference is that in Room Planner you don’t have to start the design of an empty room. There are already available rooms in the application, so you just need to add or replace some furniture to your liking. Here you can also choose items from IKEA and other brands to visualize the room of your dreams, and you can see what everything looks like in 3D virtual reality, as easy as in a game.


Choosing your next wall colour has never been easier! Through this application, you can see the look of your room with different paint colours. The trick is also very easy, you just need to take pictures of the room to be painted, then choose the colour you want. After finding a suitable colour, you can note the name/colour code to help you when you buy the paint. addition, Dulux Visualizer can also match colours from existing furniture, then provide recommendations for the right colour combination for the room.


In this application, you can find more than 16 million high- resolution images of interiors (and exteriors!), Just right for looking for spatial inspiration. Besides, Houzz can also help you create picture collages and mood boards. With the mood board, the process of decorating the room becomes more focused because you already have a reference in choosing the colour of the furniture/decoration that you will use. Now, making the mood board with this Houzz application easier because with just one application you can get inspiration in decor and also make a collage of the photos that you have collected.

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