he Best Essence of Twin Stroller

he Best Essence of Twin Stroller

Its lightness and maneuverability makes the twin stroller perfect jogger stroller for two. The multiple stroller is the ideal stroller if you have twins but also close-aged children. There are models with seats one behind the other or one next to the other, and also multiple strollers for 3 children. Buying the twin stroller is important.

10 Best Double Strollers of 2021

The best stroller for your lifestyle

If you live in the city, your ideal stroller is more intended to roll on the macadam, to slalom between the cars Baby Journey, to jerk gently in the alleys of the public garden, to go down in the street and to go up home in the elevator (a little cramped). ?), to wait in the closet at the entrance for his next exit. The best choice will be a pushchair. Light and easy to handle, designed for compact folding and equipped with small wheels, this is the city car par excellence. Use only after your baby knows how to sit.

If you are in the countryside, on the edge of fields or woods, you probably live in a house or accommodation with a stroller room. All-terrain models are yours. Equipped with large notched wheels, they play with stones like sand but also know how to behave in the city. They can fold up to fit in the trunk of the car and go on vacation, but require a bit more space than others.

Are you a sports fan? Originally intended for jogger parents, who wanted to introduce their baby to this sport from their first outings, three-wheel strollers are popular, not necessarily among athletes, but among design enthusiasts. Especially since they bend and offer as many accessories and options as the classics. Again, wait for your baby to sit up.

Have you defined the style of stroller that’s right for you with the help of our guide? Now is the time to make the purchase, and this is often where it all gets complicated! How to offer the best choice to your baby and find your way among the hundreds of models of strollers on the market? Trust our selection and comparison among the novelties, but also the classic models of strollers which continue to prove their worth. 

Types Of Baby Strollers

Trio Stroller

Usable from birth to 3 years old, it is the all-in-one solution: carrycot / car bed, car seat, reversible stroller facing the driver or facing the road. With its frame only 50 cm wide, it has the advantage of going everywhere. Other advantages, it is ultra-maneuverable, folds easily with one hand and its fixing system is very intuitive.

Right Stroller

Approved from 6 months to 15 kg (or from birth combined with the Privies seat sold separately), it is a great classic among city dwellers that always pleases a lot thanks to its easy 3D folding with one hand and its lightness ( 5.9 kg). Comfortable for baby, it is equipped with suspension sets on its large wheels which ensure great stability. We like: its handlebars allowing it to be maneuvered with one hand and its double wheels ensuring good glide and excellent cushioning.

Online classes: recommendations for parents

Virtual activities are part of the so-called “new normal”. More and more families must join teleworking and online classes to guarantee their well-being. However, faced with this change in routines, both parents and children must adapt to this new type of learning in order to obtain better performance in times of isolation.

Faced with this complex scenario, what can parents and educational institutions do to contribute to a positive adaptation of the e-learning process?

Online classes in pandemic: how do they live in the world?

Currently, according to data provided by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 90% of the world’s students have been affected by the closure of schools and universities.

Moving the school to the home implies various challenges that must be faced by all the actors in the educational system, such as:

-Redesign educational work by teachers towards virtual education: reconfigure methods, activities and content.

-Have a good Internet connection and the appropriate tools at home (computer, tablet, smartphone) to be able to interact with the study materials.

-The institutions must provide family support at a stage that involves an external global crisis, where many parents have seen their income reduced or must work in the same space in which their children entertain or study.

Recommendations to get the most out of online classes

It is extremely important that teachers and the educational institution present themselves as allies throughout the transformation process (process of which they are part) and that alternatives are generated (such as applications, classrooms or workshops) to build community and help each other.

1. Have a good Internet service. It is essential to ensure a stable learning environment. Good connectivity and up-to-date and secure devices are essential to attend online classes.

2. Prepare a study space. It does not mean converting all the spaces of the home into a school, but it does not mean allowing online classes to be received in bed or in informal attitudes. Students, if possible, should have a desk, a chair, and a quiet space that contributes to their attention and concentration.

3. Generate a good relationship with the educational community. It is important to talk with teachers, participate in the debate on virtual education and make use of the platforms that the institution offers both for parents and students.

For example, Colegio Universitario Antonio Rendic has the SchoolNet app available to parents, which allows them to know aspects such as grades and attendance of their children.

When making use of these alternatives, there will be no gaps due to lack of information or the feeling of permanent abandonment by the school.

4. Encourage playful learning. It is essential to safeguard spaces for play and conversation during this stage of the health crisis. If parents or guardians interact in an essential way in the learning of their children, participating in the different assignments and providing a safe space for dialogue, they will be more motivated to establish a new academic routine.

Online classes in a pandemic – such as those motivated by resources such as Google Classroom of the Google Apps for Education Suite – are a challenge, however, it is possible to succeed and turn this scenario into an opportunity for growth and improvement.